WWF - A biography
An exhibition at the Swiss National Museum, Zurich
A brief selection of pictures from the opening on 19 and 20 April 2011

The first room in the exhibition with pittures of Julian Hixley, Peter Scott, Max, and Guy Mountfort, and the portrait head of Max lent for this exhibition and Peter Clutton-Brock, grandson of Peter Scott

A distant view of the Swiss National Museum from across the river

Alexis Schwarzenbach speaking at the preview

A reprint of the article in the Observer by Julian Huxley, in which he drew attention to the uncertain future of the National Parks in post-colonial Africa

Memorandum written by Max suggesting the broad outlines of the future WWF

The special issue of the Daily Mirror

A map of colonial Africa in 1960

The headquarters of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, where the WWF rented two rooms as its first offices (right) and a long wall display of specific projects

2 examples of the projects

Panda by Andy Warhol
Map showing the projects supported in just one year, 1981

A full discussion of the episode in which WWF failed to support the campaign against DDT due to outside pressure

The Swiss WWF felt very strongly that WWF should oppose the development of nuclear power

The original Panda logo - 20 minutes to create one of the most compelling brands in the world

A curious display of 100 Pandas controlled by a ceiling sensor, so that they all trun to look at you as you walk round them

800 people assembled for the official opening on the evening of 20th April

The Footprint Garden in the courtyard of the Museum

Which rabbiot has the most energy-efficient house?

Practical demonstration of the amount of land needed to provide 2000 kcal of energy. From left to right, from cereals, from vegetables, from fruit, and (part only) from meat

6 different types of beehives

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