Max Nicholson

Honours , awards and offices

Commander of the Bath (CB) 1948
Commander of the Victorian Order (CVO)
Commander, Order of the Golden Ark, Netherlands 1973

Bernards Tucker Medal, BTO 1958
Godwin-Salvin Medal, British Ornithologists Union 1962
John C. Phillips Memorial Medal, IUCN 1963
Premio Europeo Cortina - Ulisse 1971
Europa Preis fur Landespflege 1972
Geoffrey St. Hilaire Gold Medal (France)
Giornata Nazionale del Medico Diciotto Ottobre Mellenov
Book Medal RGS
WWF Gold Medal 1982
BTO Founder Medal 1991
Coto Doññana 2000
Stamford Raffles Award, Zoological Society of London 2000
WWF/UK 2001

.Honorary Doctorates
LL.D Aberdeen University
LL.d Birmingham University
Doc. Royal College of Art

Hon Fellow
British Ecological Society
Hertford College, Oxford
Institute of Biology
Royal Geographical Society
Royal Institue of british Architects
Royal Society of arts
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Royal Town Planning Institute
Zoological Society of London
Corresponding Fellow, American Ornithologists Union

Hon Member
The Ateheneum (Life member)
British Ornithologists Union
The Confreres (Life Member)
The London Library
The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust
WWF International council

'49 Club

Age Resources (Age Concern)

Past President
Royal society for the Protection of Birds 1980-85
New Renasissance Group 1994-2002
Simon Population Trust

Past Vice-President
London Natural History Society
Royal Society of Arts, 1978 -82
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
Policy Studies Institute (formerly PEP)
British Ornithologists Union

Director-General/ Director/ Secretary/ Convenor
Oxford University Exploration Club 1926
PEP 1934 - 40 (now the Polciy Studies Institute)
British Trust for Ornithology 1933 -39
Head of Allocation of Tonnage division, Ministry of War Transport 1941 - 45
Permanent Secretary, Office of the Lord President of the Council
Joint UN/FAO Economic Development Survey Team, Baluchistan 1952
The Nature Conservancy 1952 - 66
The Countryside in 1970 Conferences, 1963 and (joint) 1865
Conservation Section of the International Biological Programme 1963-74
Environmental Data services (ENDS) 1978 - 80

British Birds 1950 - 60
The Birds of the Western Palearctic (9 vols.) 1960 - 97

Chairman (main organisations only)
Anglo-Soviet Shipping Comittee, 1942 - 45
British Trust for Ornithology 1947 - 49
Official Committe for the Festival of Britain
Study Group on Education and Field Biology 1960 -63
Land Use Consultants 1966 - 94
Trust for Urban Ecology 1972 - 87
London Looks Forward Conference 1977
Environmental Committee of London Celebrations for the Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977
UK contribution to the World Conservation Strategy 1981 - 83
Common Ground International 1981
Earthwatch Europe 1985 - 90
Adviser to the Spanish Government (ICONA) on Parque Nacional de Doñana

The Observer 1952 - 65
Earthwatch Europe 1985
Fair Isle Bird Observatory

Projects & Organisations started by Max
Oxford University Exploration Club 1926
First national bird census of heronaries 1928
PEP 1931
Edward Grey Institute
British Trust for Ornithology 1933
The Nature Conservancy 1949
Festival of Britain 1951
Council forNature 1958
WWF 1961
The Conservation Corps,?1963
Conservation Section, IBP
The Countryside in 1970, 1963
Land Use Consultants 1966
International Institute for Environemtn and Development - Founder Board Member
Trust for Urban Ecology 1972
ENDS (Environmental Data Services) 1978
New Renaissance Group 1995
International Biodiversity Training Centre, S'Albufera, Majorca